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This is system change!

The following synthesis text was presented by the Climate Space to the World Social Forum 2015 climate change convergence:

We know what is going to come out of Paris and it is not going to be the system change that we want but more capitalism, more corporate power, more carbon markets, more technofix solutions.

We know what is going to come out of Paris and it is not going to be about leaving fossil fuels under the ground, it’s going to be ambiguous words about net zero emissions that will open the door to geo-engineering.

So we are prepared to march to Paris like we did in New York, but we expect a situation more like Seattle. We need to reset the process of climate negotiations that have been captured by corporations and stop a very bad deal that will burn the planet.

We need to have clear messages and make clear what System Change means for the people and Mother Earth.

System change means to change capitalism, patriarchy, neo-colonialism, anthropocentrism and productivism. System change means to reclaim democracy for the people and not for corporations. System change is not only to move to renewable energy but also to a low energy society where we stop overconsumption, overproduction and waste. System change means to confront free trade agreements like TTIP, TPP, ISDS and the WTO. We need to call for an end to all wars and military intervention.

System change means to leave fossil fuels under the ground and to have clear targets for emission cuts for this decade and the next. System change is a call to stop false solutions like carbon pricing, climate smart agriculture, REDD +, BECCS, Carbon Capture and Storage, bioenergy, nuclear, synthetic biology, fracking and other false solutions that treat Mother Earth like a thing that can be exploited.

System change means to end all austerity measures and to cancel the debts imposed to benefit the banks. System change can only be achieved if we transform radically the banking and financial system.

System change is not going to come from states in collusion with transnational corporations but from people on the ground. It will take all of us, it will take everyone. From small farmers and peasants that are cooling the planet with agroecology and food sovereignty. From indigenous people that preserve Mother Earth and implement community conservation. From citizens that confront coal plants in their communities. From students that are promoting disinvestment from fossil fuels. System change is not something that will happen in the future. System change is something that we are building here and now.

Our strategy is not to wait for Paris to see what happens. We are saying now and before Paris: We don’t trust the UNFCCC and the corporations that have captured the process. We are going to mobilise before during and after Paris to make clear demands, and if we are faced with an agreement that will allow corporations to continue business as usual and burn the planet, we will bring the spirit of Seattle to Paris.

We in the Climate Space sessions this whole week and the final assembly agree that we need to have clear messages and combine the needs from all different sectors, from workers to migrants, from women to faith communities. The climate issue is not an environmental issue, it is an issue of survival of all: Humanity and Mother Earth.

We have all long hoped for the possibility of another world. Today, we take that hope and turn it into courage, strength and action – that together we can change the system. If there is to be a future for humanity, we need to fight for it right now!

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