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Key Publications

Paths Beyond Paris

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After over 20 years of international climate change negotiations, talks continue to move further away from identifying the root causes of the climate crisis. These short, sharp articles highlight years of struggle, passion and commitment towards environmental, social and climate justice. This Climate Justice Compendium attempts to address the root causes of climate change beyond the fallacy of the climate negotiations and towards building international solidarity.

Don't Trade Away the Climate

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Trade agreements threaten to undermine every effort to stop the climate crisis. Developed countries are negotiating numerous trade and investment deals that will lock in polluting fossil fuels and business as usual. Trade and investment rules put profits before the planet, limiting governments’ ability to support local renewable energy, and empowering companies to attack environmental protections in secret courts. If we are to keep the increase in global temperature to less than 1.5 oC above pre-industrial levels, this approach is no longer possible. The world needs to agree to a binding global carbon budget in order to ensure a safe and sustainable future.

Agroecology and Climate Justice

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This focuses on breaking the chain linking industrial agriculture, climate change and hunger, and exposes the way in which so-called Climate Smart Agriculture has been deliberately loosely defined, so that companies can use it as a marketing tool to re-brand and validate industrial agriculture, promoting business-as-usual.

Outsmarting Nature?

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Many of the world's largest agro-industrial corporations are pushing forward the poorly-defined idea of "Climate-Smart Agriculture"(CSA) to re-market industrial agriculture as 'climate-ready'. This report uncovers how some advocates of CSA are embracing the extreme genetic engineering tools of synthetic biology ("Syn Bio") to develop a set of false solutions to the climate crisis.

Digging Deeper

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This report looks at coal in four countries—India, Colombia, South Africa, and Egypt—through a human rights lens. It focuses on the Global South, where coal use and production are increasing despite the opposite trend in much of the Global North.

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