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A global overview of wood-based bioenergy

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The case studies in this report show that countries in the Global South are already excessively reliant on the use of conventional wood-based sources, especially charcoal, mainly for the production of heat and electricity. In the Global North there is a shift taking place, from fossil-based fuels to wood-based energy, and this is clearly evident in the UK, the US and Sweden. Thus demand for wood is likely to increase even further. The use of wood-based bioenergy urgently needs to be reevaluated within the context of a justice-based framework that prioritises meeting basic and health needs and avoiding ecological damage.

An Overview of Industrial Tree Plantations in the Global South

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Over the past two decades, industrial tree plantations (ITPs) have increased their area in the global South about fourfold. Some of the main countries with millions of hectares include Brazil, Malaysia and Indonesia. ITPs are expanding in African countries, like Mozambique, and in the Mekong region in the context of increasing land grabbing. This expansion is Northern-driven; the US and the European Union together consume most of the final products.

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